Hope's Journey

A life-changing mistake. A soul-changing journey. 

"Worlton has crafted a wonderful story in a masterful way. It's not preachy. It's not obvious. It's subtle and caring." From the Other Side of the Mirror 

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Sydney and Alex are the quintessential high school sweethearts on the brink of graduation. Sydney, an exuberant, intelligent, top-of-her-class student, is well on her way to being a success as she tries to decide which scholarship she should accept, while Alex, the quiet and reserved jock is planning to postpone his education while he serves a two year mission for the LDS church. Together they are looking forward to their last summer as carefree adolescents; however, as their much anticipated graduation day arrives, their seemingly perfect worlds come crashing down around them when they discover that Sydney is pregnant. Both practicing members of the Mormon faith, their very foundations are shaken. Alex’s dreams of serving a mission for his church painfully fade from reality at the same time that he begins to question his love for Sydney and his ability to be an adequate provider. Sydney finds herself alone; her hopes and dreams in rubble at her feet.

Through the muck and mud of their devastation, Sydney and Alex find themselves apart, facing separate journeys of self-discovery as they try to rebuild their individual shattered dreams. Will Sydney be able to find value in herself while the public continues to push her down? Will she be able to make a good decision regarding the future of the baby, and then will she have the strength to follow through? And what about Alex? What does his future hold? Will his road ever lead him back to Sydney or will he find the happiness he’s looking for in the eyes of another?

~     ~     ~
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Hope's Journey (c)2011 Stephanie Connelley Worlton, published by Cedar Fort, All Rights Reserved